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More people train in our organisation
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Men, women, children, often whole families sign up for our
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Whether you want incredible Martial Arts skills, unstoppable confidence, massive weight loss or just a whole bunch of new friends we can help you just as we have for so many 100's of others just like you.

Our members have gone from clinically obese to sleek and fit, from afraid to fearless, from being led to being a leader, from complete beginner to world class instructor!

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Because Buxton Martial Arts is about much more than just punching and kicking, for 1000’s of years the Martial Arts have been the preserve of the warrior with their code of honour and dignity, of leadership and courage a life of action but also of spiritual and emotional development.

So thank you for taking the time to visit our website - now take the next step and get the low down on how to develop incredible skills and positive life changes.

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Thanks so much for visiting my website devoted to martial arts and life excellence: Combat training at its best, you’ll never feel safer and you’ll never feel fitter with our "top of the line programmes".

As you navigate around the site you’ll quickly discover why our schools are the best in the world for helping you to get fit and fearless - fast!

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In fact, our martial arts buxton programs are changing lives for the better all over the city
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Get into the best shape of your life. Improve flexibility overnight. Get motivated and achieve your goals. Move to a whole new level of strength and health.
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Joel has built a lot of confidence since joined kickboxing in may 2004, he has built up a lot of muscle . Joel was bullied till he started kickboxing.
Sam Jones


Black Belt Academy are words I can say with pride. I used to get bullied frequently at school but when I turned to the Black Belt Academy they showed me how to deal with such problems. They have also done wonders for my confidence. I try things and give them a go.
There is one major thing that they have taught me though and that is ‘You can do anything if you put your mind to it’
Jack Ashcroft

Glen age 13 I Joined because of school. I like sparing the best.
Glen Duncan

Milo continues to enjoy his kickboxing sessions. He particularly enjoys the weapons classes, learning the different routines. He is confident and assertive.
Janet Waters

Since joining the black belt academy my partner Darren Collingwood and children Megan and Jake have grown in confidence and as well as keeping them healthy they enjoy doing it as a family.
K. G. Birtles

My name is Darren Collingwood I am 32 and have been at the Buxton Black Belt Academy now for a year, along with two of my children Megan 11and Jake 8, initially I intended for them to take classes.
I wanted them to gain fitness learn self defence but the main reason was to increase their self confidence as they are quite shy.
I saw how much they enjoyed their classes and decided to join as well, I liked playing football at the time and was already quite an athletic person I thought this would be more challenging, and I was right, plus it is a lot more rewarding than getting up early every Sunday morning only to loose another game due to lack of team effort.
We are all pleased when grading comes around, so we need to put in the effort and focus
Darren Collingwood



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