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Ever considered a career in the Martial arts?

All our instructors are qualified through this intensive certification program. In our schools being a black belt does not qualify you to teach. This sets us apart from others martial arts organisation and the outstanding quality of the martial artists we produce stands as testament to our dedicated instructors.

All our instructors are paid professionals and the Certified Instructor Training Program is where we train them. One of our most popular programs, C.I.T. teaches not only the business and marketing skills necessary to build a successful martial arts school, it also teaches how to work with students of all types, ages, skill levels and abilities; to nurture and develop them to their highest potential.

A martial arts professional enjoys enormous job satisfaction in a genuine career that brings high income, personal satisfaction and a constant challenge. Students are welcome to apply for membership of our CIT program at any time so don’t be put off if you are a complete beginner.

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