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Tony Higo 1974

The martial arts of the world break down into 2 broad types: armed and unarmed. Armed martial arts comprise such styles as; archery, fencing both eastern and western, kobudo (Japanese study of ancient weapons) and obviously firearms. The Edwards system teach defence against weapons used in stabbing, cutting and striking. Many weapon based systems are impracticable for self defence though they are still popular and some are useful for keeping fit.

Unarmed combat in the martial arts is by far the most popular and itself breaks down in to 3 broad divisions: striking styles which comprise kicking and punching, wrestling styles and styles which comprise both striking and wrestling.


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Striking Styles
These styles come from around the world though mainly from the East. Styles such as: Boxing originally from Britain in its modern form or Karate from Japan, Kung Fu (there are 100’s of kung fu styles some of which combine all 3 elements) from China, Tae Kwon Do from Korea, Muay Thai from Thailand and Savate from France. In recent years kickboxing has emerged from both Europe and the US and has overtaken many of the more traditional styles.

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Wrestling Styles
Wrestling (or grappling styles) come from all over the world too and include: Greco Roman, Freestyle, Catch wrestling, and the like. Then there is Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Aikido and of course Japanese Sumo. Sambo from Russia, Indian Wrestling, and Turkish plus Lutte from around France and Italy.

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Striking & Wrestling Styles

Mixed Martial Arts is from many different countries, Ju Jitsu from Japan, Hapkido from Korea, Krav Maga from Israel, Aiki Jutsu and Atemi Jutsu from Japan also and Vale Tudo from Brazil
Which style you choose depends very much on what you want to achieve with your martial arts. Whether you want self defence, fitness, strength, confidence or self discipline. Some styles will give you one but not another whilst a few will give you all of these.

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How To Choose The Right Style For You

So how do you find out which style is for you? Well, that is something you can only find out by taking action and giving it ago.
At the Chorlton Black belt academy, we have combined many styles into the Edwards system which combines both striking and wrestling with weapons work. We will get you very fit and strong whilst teaching you a self defence system that is unsurpassed. We will also teach you specific disciplines with our system that will develop particular skills and abilities. We will help you develop many different skills both physical and mental and under our professional eye you will be developing new skills and abilities that you have not even considered yet.
We want to help you to get a safe start in martial arts so we are offering you a FREE 30 day membership to find out if we are what you are looking for, but if you decide from the outset that it is then we will give you £100 off the 6 month basic program membership instead. You have nothing to lose either way so if you have read enough and are now ready to give it a try then simply click on the link below; complete your details and send your information.

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Being so much larger than any other schools in the area, economies of scale allow us to teach many more disciplines. Our Professional full-time instructors are trained in a wide range of martial arts styles including:
Thai Boxing,Ju-jitsu, Boxing, Savate, Street Judo, Karate, Kickrobatics, Nunchaku, Bo Staff, Knife, MMA Judo and Escrima. All these disciplines may seem very dangerous, and they are, but our professional instructors will teach you in a safe environment where the emphasis is on building skill without getting hurt. These disciplines are extremely popular with our students because they give you the chance to train at such a high intensity - safely!

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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)
Otherwise known as Vale Tudo. A Portugese term meaning 'no rules' Vale Tudo combines striking, throws and submissions. Many of the techniques come from Brazilian Ju jitsu with 'Dirty Boxing' added. It builds terrific body strength and cardio fitness.

Freestyle Karate & Kung Fu
Freestyle is a points competition fighting system which developed in the eighties from the old 'Ippon kumite' it combines techniques from Karate and Kung Fu to produce a lightning fast competition method. Although primarily a competition system there are several street defence crossovers such as 'speed' which are invaluable. It is a safe and exciting sport which builds lightning fast reflexes.

Street Judo
Street Judo is a mixture of Kickboxing and Judo and its the discipline that teaches the close quarter grappling with strikes and kicks. The aim is to put your opponent on the floor. It builds a high level of close quarter skill ideal for competition and street defence.

Nunchaku is the weapon made famous by Bruce Lee. Used in both Japanese and Chinese martial arts it is great for developing 'hand-eye' coordination. Its brilliant to watch and even better to practice yourself. Another fun but practical discipline that our Masters and Black Belt Leadership students list as a firm favourite.

Bo Staff
The Bo staff is a 6ft pole and is based on the Japanese kobudo method combined with the western quarter staff. It is invaluable for building and understanding balance and the similarities between armed and unarmed combat systems. Children use the Jo staff which is 4ft long instead of 6. As an art form it has an elegant style but with a deadly kick to it!

Stab Program
Stab Program is our knife defence system and combines elements of Krav Maga, Aikido, Ju Jitsu, Judo and Kickboxing to provide a practical street defence system against bladed weapons. On a lighter side it brings a number of the disciplines together in a practical way that is great fun.

The Philipino short stick fighting system. Using sticks usually between 26-28 inches long it is a very practical close range weapon system that has close similarities with western Boxing. Its a fast and exciting system that builds fitness as well as superb 'hand-eye' coordinationation, again one of our firm favourites with our Black belt Leadership students.

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One of the world's most successful martial arts from which the most effective styles draw their punching techniques. A very specialist and very realistic system even though it has no kicks or grappling it is still difficult to beat.




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